Monday, February 16, 2015

the lizard girl speaks!: staying smooth in the winter time

Hello, my name is Zoe and I'm part-lizard. 
During the harsh, dry Nebraska winters, I go through sort of this disgusting human-molting phase. ...this is off to a really great start, isn't it? Anyway, I seem to be eternally dried out--the whole deal, raw, scaly skin, chapped, peeling lips, perpetual nosebleeds. It ain't pretty. 
But after a few years of trial and error, I think I've got my scaliness pretty much under control. I have a few tricks and products I swear by to keep my skin looking healthy and smooth during the winter. Read on for my favorite winter skin soothers. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

cool teens

Be warned. This post is not as cool as it might appear to be. 

On Friday, Andrew invited us out to a bike party at the shop he manages. We got there a little late and missed most of the actual bike stuff. But, because Albie had been invited along and was having such a fine time running around the pedals and chains (and sticking his nose in abandoned beer cups),  we stuck around a while longer after the party had definitely wound down...
...and took a sickening amount of photos in front of this bitchin' mural that graces the walls of the bike shop.

Remember when I said this post wouldn't be as cool as it would seem to be? 
But, I mean, we look cool right?
There. That was it. 
Oh wait, then I took my dog to the bar. 
What cool teen things did y'all do this weekend? 

Monday, February 2, 2015

welcome home

Welcome to my nest. Come in and have a seat. Go ahead and throw those tens of decor pillows on the ground. They came with the couches, and we aren't crazy about them, but keep them around because they provide excellent back support for our nightly Oreo's-and-reading time. 
This is roommate/editor, Albert. You can call him Albie, Alberton, Albie Cakes, Sniffner, Little Snoot, or whatever. He's pretty easy going, but he's really into entertaining, so be prepared to spend a solid 70% of your visit playing tug-o'-war with him. 
This little corner is lovingly referred to as my pagan shrine. I'm pretending to downsize this semester, so without a lot of extra shelf room, all of my favorite candles, knick-knacks, and what-have-yous have ended up on this sole bookself. This small space is probably my favorite square foot of the entire 800 of them. 
Feel free to have a peruse around the fifteen books littering my coffee table at any given time. I'm really trying to dedicate more time to reading for fun this final semester. Albie is also trying to read more this year, but since know, can't...he opts for just chewing up the corners of all of my new novels. Notice how those poor beat-up babies are left out of the photo? Would you like a cup of coffee? 
I know your favorite part of visiting a friend's place: having a super secret snoop through their potions. Go right ahead, and I won't even act like it's weird that you spent an extra five-to-ten minutes in the bathroom testing out my night cream. 
Speaking of secrets, I only use one of these bottles of perfume but I won't tell you which one it is. Is that terribly mysterious of me? 
And to take us out? Two shots of my current favorite place on this planet. It's especially wonderful after a long day with a small puff-ball curled up at your feet! 

What do you think? It's not much, but it's my very first big girl apartment all by myself and I'm damn proud of that. (Not pictured: One Direction's "Four" album on repeat). 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

simple life

Oh, hi there! I wish I could say something like my usual "I've been so busy", but as I am a most honest person, I'll spare you the excuses. I haven't been that busy, though my final semester of university did start up a week or so ago. I just haven't felt like blogging. I've been enjoying my me-time--indulging in taking myself out to the movies, catching up on some much needed reading, grabbing drinks and dinner with friends on a whim. It's been a really relaxing, wonderful start to the new year. Here are a few snippets of what I've been up to.
The sunsets each evening outside of work are miraculous. The other night, as this one set in a flurry of grapefruits, lavender, and tangerine, my boss called her husband just to tell him to look out the window. Isn't that the sweetest? 
I feel very suited to being single at the moment. Being alone is super zen, actually. I'm figuring out my little routines and what sorts of things make me happiest. So far, writing notes to my favorite people and re-watching loved horror flicks are top on my list. 
I have plans to move in May, so my theory with this little transitional apartment is to make it as cozy as possible. I'm nesting in the truest sense of the word. I pad around this place in fleece-lined everything and wool socks. A hot mug of tea is almost always at hand and I don't think I've ever burned through so many candles in my life! 

Shameless selfie pre-Golden Globes party. This was taken in a HyVee. But my latest life philosophy is that if you feel like a hottie, take a selfie. Even if it's 9 pm at the supermarket bakery and such selfie may have been interrupted by a baker asking if you need help with anything. 
I fished these old favorite Docs out of the back of my closet. Best decision in a long time. 
And that's really about it. I'm giving myself this time to just let me do me. If I want to go out, I go out. If I want to stay in, I stay in. I read as many books as I want, I watch as many episodes of Parks and Rec as I can stand. I order out for pho when it's cold, I take Albie on long walks when it's warm. Thus far, this simplicity has been really refreshing.

Friday, January 16, 2015

summer scheming

Maybe it's a little too early to be tempting you all with photos of bright summer sun and bare legs, but warm, long days are all I've been dreaming of recently. I know, I know. Here in Omaha, we still have two and a half months of bitter winter to get through before the temps maybe start to rise. But these past few days have been balmy highs of 40 degrees, so here's to hoping the rest of the season will be as mild. Until then, I'll keep scheming out a summer full of long, morning bike rides to outdoor cafes, afternoon strolls with Albie through crumbly old neighborhoods, and lots of picnics. Oh, and all done in sweet cotton dresses and sneakers, of course. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

winter playlist

It's bitterly cold outside. An icy, glittering snow has been blanketing the brittle grass below since Saturday. I can't complain though. The weather has made it all the easier to justify my recent hibernation. As I pad around the new place, Albie nipping at my woolen sock-clad ankles, I've been playing a blend of classic folk rock and smooth electro-pop. There's something so comforting about the deep beats enveloping our little house while the wind whips outside.
I hope you enjoy: 

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 style resolutions

I'm not really into resolutions. Each new year brings with it the promise of changing habits, but rather than make a long list of spending xx-hours at the gym each week or quitting my nail-gnawing vice once and for all, this year I'm focusing on elevating my general happiness. I'm really excited to get started on practicing a daily mindfulness meditation and treating Albert and I to an evening meander each night. I've found that when I make an effort to look my best, I feel much better as well. Thus, I've decided to set a few style pseudo-resolutions to avoid the winter rut of sweats and messy hair that I can get stuck in.