Wednesday, January 28, 2015

simple life

Oh, hi there! I wish I could say something like my usual "I've been so busy", but as I am a most honest person, I'll spare you the excuses. I haven't been that busy, though my final semester of university did start up a week or so ago. I just haven't felt like blogging. I've been enjoying my me-time--indulging in taking myself out to the movies, catching up on some much needed reading, grabbing drinks and dinner with friends on a whim. It's been a really relaxing, wonderful start to the new year. Here are a few snippets of what I've been up to.
The sunsets each evening outside of work are miraculous. The other night, as this one set in a flurry of grapefruits, lavender, and tangerine, my boss called her husband just to tell him to look out the window. Isn't that the sweetest? 
I feel very suited to being single at the moment. Being alone is super zen, actually. I'm figuring out my little routines and what sorts of things make me happiest. So far, writing notes to my favorite people and re-watching loved horror flicks are top on my list. 
I have plans to move in May, so my theory with this little transitional apartment is to make it as cozy as possible. I'm nesting in the truest sense of the word. I pad around this place in fleece-lined everything and wool socks. A hot mug of tea is almost always at hand and I don't think I've ever burned through so many candles in my life! 

Shameless selfie pre-Golden Globes party. This was taken in a HyVee. But my latest life philosophy is that if you feel like a hottie, take a selfie. Even if it's 9 pm at the supermarket bakery and such selfie may have been interrupted by a baker asking if you need help with anything. 
I fished these old favorite Docs out of the back of my closet. Best decision in a long time. 
And that's really about it. I'm giving myself this time to just let me do me. If I want to go out, I go out. If I want to stay in, I stay in. I read as many books as I want, I watch as many episodes of Parks and Rec as I can stand. I order out for pho when it's cold, I take Albie on long walks when it's warm. Thus far, this simplicity has been really refreshing.

Friday, January 16, 2015

summer scheming

Maybe it's a little too early to be tempting you all with photos of bright summer sun and bare legs, but warm, long days are all I've been dreaming of recently. I know, I know. Here in Omaha, we still have two and a half months of bitter winter to get through before the temps maybe start to rise. But these past few days have been balmy highs of 40 degrees, so here's to hoping the rest of the season will be as mild. Until then, I'll keep scheming out a summer full of long, morning bike rides to outdoor cafes, afternoon strolls with Albie through crumbly old neighborhoods, and lots of picnics. Oh, and all done in sweet cotton dresses and sneakers, of course. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

winter playlist

It's bitterly cold outside. An icy, glittering snow has been blanketing the brittle grass below since Saturday. I can't complain though. The weather has made it all the easier to justify my recent hibernation. As I pad around the new place, Albie nipping at my woolen sock-clad ankles, I've been playing a blend of classic folk rock and smooth electro-pop. There's something so comforting about the deep beats enveloping our little house while the wind whips outside.
I hope you enjoy: 

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 style resolutions

I'm not really into resolutions. Each new year brings with it the promise of changing habits, but rather than make a long list of spending xx-hours at the gym each week or quitting my nail-gnawing vice once and for all, this year I'm focusing on elevating my general happiness. I'm really excited to get started on practicing a daily mindfulness meditation and treating Albert and I to an evening meander each night. I've found that when I make an effort to look my best, I feel much better as well. Thus, I've decided to set a few style pseudo-resolutions to avoid the winter rut of sweats and messy hair that I can get stuck in. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


One year ago, I was crying myself to sleep in a cold bed and breakfast in Cork, Ireland. I managed to drift into dreams sometime around ten, but was suddenly woken up by loud claps of colorful thunder and cheering two hours later. I cracked open the blinds next to my bed and peered outside: it was 2014.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

best gifts for book lovers

As the holidays approach, Christmas trees don their best tinsel and ornament, menorahs sparkle with the blaze of eight burning candles, and...bloggers curate their gift guides. And as someone who just totally indulges this kind of gimmicky capitalism, I've jumped on the bandwagon and have compiled a list of the best gifts for bookworms.  

This cozy Le Petit Prince sweater from Out of Print Clothing ($42). Really, anything from their website is a good idea. 

Sherlock Holmes Case-book Notebook ($6) for keeping track of evidence. 

A bottle of Alice in Wonderland-inspired perfume from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab ($17.50 for 5mL), so you can always smell like our favorite curious heroine--a blend of milk and honey with rose, carnation, and bergamot. 
A handful of beautiful, but bad-ass bookish temporary tattoos ($5 for a set of two). 
This Sherlock's Study scented candle ($15) to infuse your own study with sweet pipe tobacco, cherry wood, and fresh rain. 

Ye Olde Book Pillows  ($18-$50) for reading with a flashlight under the covers, duh.

Two birds, one stone: patch up a wound and insult someone in Shakespearean at the same time! ($6)

If you have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them! I'm always looking for new nerdy things to tote around with me :) 

Monday, December 15, 2014


Hi, there. I know it's been a hot minute since I last blogged, and I know I say this every time I blog, but it's been busy around here. But, really this time. Take every instance I've said I've been busy, add them together and multiply by ten, and you'll get just how truly busy things have been. 
Without going into too much personal detail, The Boy and I have split up. Albie and I moved out this week and are busy nesting away in our new digs. I will say this: it was an amicable, drama-free decision. I'm so proud of us for taking stock of what we are, who we've become, and what we want, and for making a choice that, although the hard thing, is the right thing. The Boy is someone who knows me better than myself and is a person I always want in my life. 
I'm looking forward to taking some time to just focus on me. Before anything else, I need to figure out how to make myself happy. I think this upcoming semester before graduation will be one full of discovery, exploration, and puppy cuddles. I'm already scheme-ing out my post-graduate plans and can't wait to move on to the next chapter in my life. As always, I'll keep you guys updated here on my wants, dreams, plans, and thoughts. 
So the past few weeks have been less than great. But at the same time, I'm constantly being reminded of how loved I am. My father drove nine hours just to help me apartment hunt and pick up the bill on some new furniture (considering that the only furniture I actually own is a barcart and some Target bookshelves!). My mother is always at the ready on the phone for anything I want to talk ups, my downs, my ramblings about lunch or my plans for the afternoon. My friends have been available for drinks and chitchat. The wonderful folks I work with have offered up bedrooms and old furniture, silverware, and Crock-Pots. 
My heart is on a roller-coaster. These days I feel either dizzying highs at the love and support I receive, or a plunging pain, a longing for everything I've worked and planned for. Either way, I feel grateful. In some sort of elevated, meta way, aren't I lucky that I get to experience all of the emotions life  can throw at me? I want to feel each and every one of them. 
And so here we are! Off to another adventure. ...after finals (yeah, can we play pity-party for a moment? What has two thumbs, is going through a break-up, moving, and finals week of her senior year? This girl). The holidays are coming up, I'm headed to Colorado for some quality time with the family. Meg comes to visit in T-14 days. The spring semester starts and with it, the promise of a real-life college degree. 
And thus, regular blogging should re-commence shortly :)