Monday, April 13, 2015

spring cleaning (an announcement!)

Earlier this week, we had spring in Nebraska epitomized. The morning started out with an opaque mist blanketing the city. By 1 p.m., it was drizzling. When I left my statistics test at 5:30, a thick, heavy snow was falling steadily, coating our freshly greened grass with pillowy flakes. I closed my blinds at 8:30, after enjoying a sweet-smelling, warm, and sunlit evening. 

Winter and summer remind me of home. As soon as the days start getting shorter and the winds more bitter, I'm brought back to Sidney, to coming home in darkness at 5 pm, a warmed dinner waiting for me after ballet class. When the evenings are finally warm enough to discard even light jackets, I find myself longing for nearly endless drives on crumbling dirt roads. There's something in the air that just brings me home. 
But autumn and spring are Omaha seasons. Autumn is an obvious one--the start of a new semester, the smell of fresh pencils, the gentle rain of colorful, dead leaves that falls throughout October. Spring does something different to me. It's a season of anticipation. Spring leaves me with a sense of wonderment. In the weeks waiting for summer vacation, I find myself reveling in the fact that I've managed yet another year on my own. It's a time of unique reflection I fall into when driving past memorable streets, restaurants, bars, parks, or whatever throughout the city.

The ninth marked one month until graduation. 
This week marks one month until I leave.

Following graduation, I'm excited to announce that Albie and I will be packing our bags and heading west. I've decided to make the move to Colorado for a little more fresh air, to be a little closer to my family, and to have a big change of scenery. I feel as though one of my strong points is making a new space my own. I can't wait to spend the summer getting to know my new digs and picking out new favorite coffee shops, bookstores, parks, and hikes.

And so this spring is a time for special reflection as I get set to say goodbye to Omaha. As easy as the decision to move was, it's been surprisingly difficult to come to terms with now that the end is approaching so quickly. Omaha is such a beautiful, community-oriented city that I've been proud to call home for the past four years. I know amazing things will continue to come out of this area. It won't be an easy transition--I know as soon as I put the car in drive, my heart will be aching for all of the wonderful people, places, and experiences I'll miss (I'm looking at you, Three Happiness Express).

I promise to be documenting every minute of adjustment here (promise to the best of my ability). As always, thank you for reading along, and I'm can't wait to share this new journey with all of you! xoxo! 

Friday, April 3, 2015

march's most loved

Here are just a few of the bits and bobs I found myself falling in love with throughout the month of March.

1// Charlotte Gainsbourg 
WWCD. What Would Charlotte Do: my new mantra. (See also: WWCW. What Would Charlotte Wear.) 

2// Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum 
Even though I know it's wrong, I'm the sort that judges a book by its cover. I picked up Hausfrau at the store after eyeing it's glossy, art piece of a cover and have not been disappointed. The story of Anna, described as "a good wife, mostly" from page 1, is loaded with the sort of juicy symbolism, metaphor, and attention to detail I can't get enough of. Anna's attempt to rid herself (or perhaps bury herself further in) her apathy through a series of scandalous affairs is captivating. 

3// Wax Buffalo candle in 'sweet tobaco' 
I actually don't burn this candle often because it's just too delicious smelling and I'm already afraid of using it up too quickly. Wax Buffalo is a local (well, made in Lincoln, NE) company that crafts soy-based candles, all of which are beautifully packaged and smell incredible. 

4// NYX Creamy Lipstick in 'tea rose'
This lipstick is a dream for spring. When it comes to makeup, I tend to keep things as natural as possible. 'Tea Rose' is a perfect shade of pink-it brightens up any look without being overpowering. 

5// Sea Wolf's 'Leaves in the River'
I know, I know. This indie-folk album is practically ancient, but I've been listening to it nonstop. My favorite tracks: "The Cold, The Dark, and The Silence", "Middle Distance Runner", and "You're A Wolf".

6// Crop Tops 
I don't really know how this one happened. I wandered into H&M, test ran one on a whim, and left the store with three. Whatever, I'm into it. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


A few weeks ago, I needed to download Drizzy. It's this totally weird and awesome keyboard that is all Drake lyrics. I've been using it nonstop and it's the the best way. But Drizzy is kind of beside the point. 
In order to download Drizzy, I had to update my system and clear storage and yada yada yada. After I had cleaned up any useless apps I had clogging up my phone, I still didn't have enough free space. So I turned to my camera roll. 
Holy shit y'all. Some 2,000-odd pictures were standing in the way between me and my sweet, weird keyboard. I was prepping myself for a fight. As much of a minimalist as I dream of being, I tend towards pack rat. Part of that mentality means saving as many memories as I can via image. I anticipated a struggle to clean out my photos. 
After a few minutes of mindlessly scrolling through photos and sending them to their graves, I noticed so many of the snaps I had were pointless. My camera roll was filled with junk. All of your typical blogger-esque odds and ends: beautifully prepared meals (although I couldn't remember what they tasted like or who they were with), charming farmer's market flower arrangements (that aren't half as beautiful as the real deal just a few short weeks away), perfectly poured lattes on wooden tables (which certainly aren't giving me any extra boost of energy now), and God only knows how many meticulously staged images of notepads, lipsticks, books, and burning candles. 
I remember looking through a relative's vacation photos with my grandmother once. After the first couple of glossy drugstore-printed frames had flicked through our fingers, Grandma sighed, waved her fingers, and shoo-ed them away. 
"I don't want to see pictures of things, I want to see pictures of people," she exasperated. 
Maybe this is important, maybe it isn't. But I'm making a move to capture the important bits of life. Few pictures of lunches, green juices, and my desk; more pictures of the people I love most. I doubt that when I'm 80-something and reminiscing on my youth with my grandkids, they'll be interested in seeing pictures of what my clothes looked like when stacked on top of each other. 
What do you think? Who's with me?! (Although I'll always love a good snap of a well-curated charcuterie board and cheesecloth, or better yet, a fuckin' Diptyque candle :) 

Monday, March 30, 2015

my head + shoulders + knees + toes

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you'll know I'm not one to make apologies/excuses/what-have-you for blog slacking. As per usual, I found myself too busy doing all the things I love (and things I don't love, I'm looking at you statistics homework) to sit down and type out my thoughts. This past month or so has been a constant go-go-go: work to home to school to parties to brunch to bars to dinners to fries to endless hours watching Nurse Jackie. 
But! I'm back now, so let's get into it. 

Spring Break 2k15 was last week and to kick it off, one of my best friends, Carl and I made plans to see a very favorite band. I discovered Sylvan Esso during my last few weeks in Cork. Their gentle and upbeat but deep electro-beats were the perfect compliment to the spring sun and fresh air as I wandered into the city centre to grab last-minute cocktails and dinner. My obsession never really stopped, so when I found out they'd be making a stop in Omaha, I bought tickets instantly. 

Amelia and Nick didn't disappoint. Their sound was just as fantastic live as it is recorded. The energy they exuded sent the audience into a trance. I danced until my feet hurt and my six Stoli-Citron-and-Sprites had warn into a warm fuzz in my head. Carl, who is essentially a concert-expert, insisted we get there extra-early to nab a good spot. Thank God for that Carl, because our front row digs made it super easy for Amelia to notice the selfie we were snapping with her. I've taken some cool selfies, but front row at a favorite band with one of the artists as they perform on stage? This might be the coolest of selfies. 
Feeling very emotional at this point (see: six Stoli-Citrus-and-Sprites)
And we made friends! And then went home and ate a pizza and gushed about how much we love Amelia + Nick and then watched Broad City. Because that is just the kind of thing you do after the coolest night ever. 
(shameless car selfie because I was feeling like a hottie, ok?????)

Thank you Sylvan Esso for such an amazing set. I can't wait to stalk y'all and find where you'll be next to drool and dance over your incredible beats again soon! 

Enjoy :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

the lizard girl speaks!: staying smooth in the winter time

Hello, my name is Zoe and I'm part-lizard. 
During the harsh, dry Nebraska winters, I go through sort of this disgusting human-molting phase. ...this is off to a really great start, isn't it? Anyway, I seem to be eternally dried out--the whole deal, raw, scaly skin, chapped, peeling lips, perpetual nosebleeds. It ain't pretty. 
But after a few years of trial and error, I think I've got my scaliness pretty much under control. I have a few tricks and products I swear by to keep my skin looking healthy and smooth during the winter. Read on for my favorite winter skin soothers. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

cool teens

Be warned. This post is not as cool as it might appear to be. 

On Friday, Andrew invited us out to a bike party at the shop he manages. We got there a little late and missed most of the actual bike stuff. But, because Albie had been invited along and was having such a fine time running around the pedals and chains (and sticking his nose in abandoned beer cups),  we stuck around a while longer after the party had definitely wound down...
...and took a sickening amount of photos in front of this bitchin' mural that graces the walls of the bike shop.

Remember when I said this post wouldn't be as cool as it would seem to be? 
But, I mean, we look cool right?
There. That was it. 
Oh wait, then I took my dog to the bar. 
What cool teen things did y'all do this weekend? 

Monday, February 2, 2015

welcome home

Welcome to my nest. Come in and have a seat. Go ahead and throw those tens of decor pillows on the ground. They came with the couches, and we aren't crazy about them, but keep them around because they provide excellent back support for our nightly Oreo's-and-reading time. 
This is roommate/editor, Albert. You can call him Albie, Alberton, Albie Cakes, Sniffner, Little Snoot, or whatever. He's pretty easy going, but he's really into entertaining, so be prepared to spend a solid 70% of your visit playing tug-o'-war with him. 
This little corner is lovingly referred to as my pagan shrine. I'm pretending to downsize this semester, so without a lot of extra shelf room, all of my favorite candles, knick-knacks, and what-have-yous have ended up on this sole bookself. This small space is probably my favorite square foot of the entire 800 of them. 
Feel free to have a peruse around the fifteen books littering my coffee table at any given time. I'm really trying to dedicate more time to reading for fun this final semester. Albie is also trying to read more this year, but since know, can't...he opts for just chewing up the corners of all of my new novels. Notice how those poor beat-up babies are left out of the photo? Would you like a cup of coffee? 
I know your favorite part of visiting a friend's place: having a super secret snoop through their potions. Go right ahead, and I won't even act like it's weird that you spent an extra five-to-ten minutes in the bathroom testing out my night cream. 
Speaking of secrets, I only use one of these bottles of perfume but I won't tell you which one it is. Is that terribly mysterious of me? 
And to take us out? Two shots of my current favorite place on this planet. It's especially wonderful after a long day with a small puff-ball curled up at your feet! 

What do you think? It's not much, but it's my very first big girl apartment all by myself and I'm damn proud of that. (Not pictured: One Direction's "Four" album on repeat).