Wednesday, October 22, 2014

bling baby

Try as I may, I am not a huge jewelry person. I have so much trouble justifying purchasing cheap costume baubles or stacks of bangles from chain stores. However, I do have a few favorite and most loved pieces I wear on the regular. This is because, like most things, I have a philosophy on jewelry. I believe jewelry should be worn like magic talismans. Rings should bring back memories of a favorite vacation (one of my best friends buys a new ring in every country she visits, isn't that the coolest idea!?), bracelets should be gifted with love from mothers to daughters, that sort of thing. 
So instead of dripping with Forever21 buy-seven-get-six-free adornments, I choose to wear a select few pieces on the daily. Each one has a special meaning close to my heart and is worn with love. 
If you ever see me on the street, I'll just tell you in advance: I am not engaged. I do wear two rings on both of my ring fingers, though (that finger just feels like it's where a ring should go! Don't psychoanalyze me!). On my left, I've been wearing this way-too-gorgeous-for-words moonstone piece. It was a birthday gift from my mother. My birthstone isn't moonstone (it's peridot, which I kind of loathe, sorry peridot), but moonstones remind me so much of my hippy-dippy mama. They're supposedly calming and grounding, which may be just a sort of placebo effect thing, but I take that to heart. 
On my right, I never go a day without my Claddagh. Here's the story behind my Claddagh (this post is wordy isn't it?): once upon a time, I lived in Ireland for five months. I knew I wanted to commemorate my adventure with a Claddagh ring, but had several different ideas on where I wanted to buy this ring. On one hand, Claddaghs are only truly Claddaghs if they come from Claddagh country, Galway. On the other hand, I wasn't living in Galway, I was living in Cork, and so shouldn't my Claddagh be from Cork? I troubled myself with this dilemma for far too long, until my Papa offered to buy me one in my favorite museum EVER (The National History Museum of Archaeology-Dublin). I declined, adamant in my stance that my Claddagh would either come from Cork or Galway. 
And right as we were about to leave, I made up my mind. It didn't really matter where my Claddagh came from, but the feeling it would give me in the future did. I knew I would love a ring from my Papa bought on the most wonderful trip ever more so than a ring bought because it should be bought in a certain place. 
These are the dramas that make up my life, folks. 
As far as neck decor goes, I usually wear this skull necklace, brought back from Mexico as a gift. If I'm going to be honest, a large part of why I wear it so often is because I feel like a badass when I do. 
This ultra blinged out Michael Kors watch was a birthday gift back when blinged out Michael Kors watches were the thing. I still love it, as I associate it with a sunny autumn weekend in September when my grandmother, mother, and little sister all came to visit me in Omaha. The bangle is one I've been wearing since 8th-freaking-grade. My mama gave it to me and I think it looks so chic when worn alone.

And finally, my hamsa. I also have a really gorgeous silver hamsa from the heart of Prague's Old Jewish Quarter, but return to this Venice boardwalk option always. A protection piece from the California coast, salvaged from a stand with my best Nebraskan friend, I always wear this bracelet when I need a little extra oomph to get me through the day. 

What about you? What are your philosophies on jewelry? The more the merrier, or do you selectively pick a few favorites?

Monday, October 20, 2014

hashtag normcore

It's a damn good thing "normcore" is in, or else I'd be screwed. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

forever casual

This season, I've been obsessed with taking the most simple, casual of outfits (t-shirt + jeans) and adding layers of leather, knitted wool, and stripes for extra warmth and style. 

Friday, October 10, 2014


Here are some things I'm thinking about today. 

These delicious tall, dark, and handsomes, sipped with friends post European Cinema movie screening.

This coolest ever bar in Belfast that I'm dying to revisit. 

This first delicious night of spring warmth, enjoyed with the people who love me most in a beautiful city.

This totally weird Russian-themed, completely deserted club in Berlin, where a best friend and I giggled and sipped beer and watched the oddities flow in and out. 

These extravagant, opulent, glowing gilded towers at night.

These colorful drinks, cheering up a final "goodbye". 

This sweet scene, and feeling very Parisienne while viewing it. 

This fantastic city, the gorgeous blondes riding bikes through it, and the charming canals cutting across it.

This little puppy, and how tiny he was upon first meeting. 

This perfect place setting, curated by my interior-design extraordinaire cousin for my grandmother's recent birthday.

This vampy lip color, and the act of wearing it. 

These woolen socks, to never leave my feet during dead-leaf season.

This new friend, cute genius behind and meeting her for a two-and-a-half-hour long coffee sesh, discussing all the most important things, like dream sandwiches and clothes.

What are you thinking about on a Friday in autumn?

Monday, October 6, 2014

berry + rye

After a long week of presentations, tests, homework, and long shifts, The Boy and I were in dire need of something relaxing. On a whim late last Thursday night, we tucked Albie into bed and snuck off to our very favorite cocktail spot in Omaha. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

indian summer

For our last date night in September, I decided  to slip into something a little more weather appropriate.