Wednesday, August 12, 2015

in-sta-between volume 3

1// My ultimate summer uniform: denim shorts and sailor stripes 
2// We've moved on from tug-o-war. Our new favorite game is fetch. And we could play it for. hours. 
3// I freakin' love bowling. I mean, I love it so much I tossed around the idea of joining a league. ...before I bowled a 50. 
4// In an effort to pump myself up for (hopefully) grad school next year, I'm trying to commit a solid portion of this year to catching up on my classics. It's an especially fun/dangerous hobby since my very favorite used book store is about three feet from my house. 
5// Summer mornings are for breezy outfits and sweet coffee. 
6// Snail mail forever! 
7// THIS darling hair scarf is the ultimate in cute-ness. 
8// Cold brew, hot sun, good friends
9// I've been wearing this shirt non-stop. It's like a security blanket I don each time I start to feel homesick for my former city <3 

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

HILLARY 2016, a call to arms

This isn't a popularity contest.
Or, at least, it shouldn't be. 
So why do I feel like I should be eating my lunch in the high school bathroom every time I make a statement like the one I'm about to make?

I support Hillary Clinton. 

If you know me beyond this blog, you'll know I have a strong interest in politics. I've worked numerous positions in Democratic campaigns and have volunteered endless hours. I aim to be as informed a voter as I possibly can be. I am a proud Democrat and find myself voting consistently down my ticket, not because it's my ticket, but because the candidates I research and support are strong voices for the issues important to me. Things like gender equality, racial equality, affordable healthcare, protecting social welfare programs, and making education accessible to all Americans are topics I feel very passionate about. 

And, for the most part, I've surrounded myself with friends who have similar views. Have you ever gone to a political rally or volunteered with fellow like-minded voters? It's almost a religious experience. A thick feeling of passion, of the knowledge that you are all in this together, working for the common good permeates the air. Everyone is proud, holding signs, directing traffic, laughing and nodding in unanimous agreement and support. It's humanity, it's honesty, it's community. 

Enter the Internet. Enter a Vermont Senator named Bernie Sanders.

A few months ago, amongst all of my closest political pals and government savvy Facebook friends, began the buzz about Bernie. Information about support rallies and volunteer advertisements started flooding my feeds. I could "Feel the Bern" radiating from my computer screen; I was scrolling through endless pictures, quotes, and clips from his events and speeches. My friends were falling in love. 

And I understood. As a liberal millennial, how can you not love Bernie? He's a charismatic, cute elderly man, saying the things that have been on our minds and in our hearts. We all want to see a stronger middle class. I don't know a single member of my class that wasn't panicked about finding a job post-graduation. My generation is sick of the rich business man acting for his own interests, failing to work on initiatives that aid the vast majority of Americans. The idea that a white male is working for us, making proclamations about the corruption of the government and the all powerful greed running our country is enthralling for any person aged 18-30. 

Regardless, I support Hillary Clinton. 

I've always been a fan of Hillary. I know I would vote for her in any election cycle. Hillary has a long and varied history in politics. From day one she has been supporting legislation that benefits women and children, dating back to her chairing the task force for President Bill Clinton's Health Security Act. Her time in the Senate, as First Lady of the United States, and as Secretary of State during President Obama's administration all give me faith in her abilities as a leader. She's worked across the aisle with numerous Republican politicians, including Senator Lindsay Graham to ensure military reservists and members of the National Guard have access to healthcare, even when they are not deployed

 At the end of the day, Hillary Clinton is a woman who can get work done.  From her time in Congress, 8 years in total, 77 bills sponsored or cosponsored by Clinton became law. In Bernie's 25 years in Congress, 206 of his bills have become law. I'm not a mathematician, but some simple division shows that this gives Clinton an average of 9.6 passing bills a year, where Bernie has (admittedly, only a slightly) lower average of 8.2 passing bills a year. Still, the overall message is telling: while Bernie's ideas are progressive and exciting, it's Hillary who can get the legislature passed. 

And speaking of progressive ideas, Clinton's proposals are't much different from Bernie's. Just yesterday Clinton unveiled her plan for an affordable college education. Dubbed "The New College Compact", Clinton's $350 billion plan would help students pay for tuition at public universities and would work to refinance tuition debt and payment options. The plan also has incentives for non-traditional students, such as parents who are ready to get back to the study grind. The best part? The plan is to be funded by cutting back on itemized tax deductions from America's wealthy elite. 

Taking from the rich to pay for the poor's education a la Robin Hood? That sounds pretty damn progressive to me. 

While her accomplishments alone give me reason to vote for Hillary, supporting her is even more imperative when considering the 2016 election. I'm sure you know by now that the next President will get her/his pick at FOUR Supreme Court Justices. FOUR. What. In case you weren't paying attention, the Supreme Court does some pretty important junk. In the past few months alone, they've upheld affordable healthcare and guaranteed the right to marry for same-sex couples. In short, four new Justices can make a hell of a lot of difference. 

It's here that I make my point not only for Hillary, but against Bernie-mania. Not to the man himself, but to the unyielding, passionate-to-a-point-of anger hoards of Bernie fans. When I mentioned to a Bernie-supporter earlier this summer how much I like Hillary, he lashed out on me, using a sneering tone I'd never heard in our years of friendship. I understand the Bernie love. But what I'm asking for is a reality check. Republican voters won't let a self-proclaimed socialist take the White House. A primary vote for Bernie is general vote for whichever Republican candidate takes the stand. 

But even that isn't the worst case scenario. Worst case: Hillary wins the primary, but the mass of Bernie supporters who have already so bitterly expressed their distaste and distrust of Clinton refuse to turn out for support or the vote. I've been watching the GOP election circus as my friends and family members gloat with glee. "Trump will ruin them all--he's tearing the party apart, the votes will be split, he's too far right," they triumphantly announce. So, my millennial friends, why are we so eager to fall into the same pit? 

In the end, I'm not arguing to end Bernie's support. The popularity of his liberal ideas are surely a positive sign of the changing tides. But I ask that in this mass hysteria of perfect sound bites and millennial generated Internet graphics, we all keep in mind what's at stake for this upcoming election. The reality of the situation is 2016 will need strong, productive, tough leadership. 

I'd rather sit in the bathroom eating my lunch, knowing I've chosen to support a reality of intelligent, progressive, and capable influence rather than at the cool kids table, dining on pretty speeches and lofty dreams. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

what kind of man

Was this outfit appropriate for the near miles of red gravel we had to traverse through to get to our seats at Red Rocks? Probably not. But I still looked damn fine in it. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

red rocks, ringing ears

Remember The Boy? Of course you do! For those who don't, he wears many hats, namely Cool Scientist/Albie's Dad/Ex-Boyfriend/Best Friend. After what has been a rather stressful summer for The Boy, he was in desperate need of a break. Preferably a break heavy on fresh air, bike rides, and puppy cuddles. So last weekend, he made the drive from Omaha to Fort Collins for a few days of relaxation. 
Oh, and this: 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

squad goals, us.

Cute Payton works for Omaha-based boutique Hello Holiday, Badass Babes, LLC. Okay maybe I added that last part, but it's fitting. When she came out for a visit a few weeks ago, the company's marketing maven brought a few HH pieces to play dress up in.

Monday, August 3, 2015

july most loved

I bought this dream of a gown early in the month and have taken it off only after a particularly muddy visit to the dog park. It's ideal for a sweltering summer day; it's light, airy, and ultra soft. I've been pairing mine with a lacy bralette when it's hot and a soft cashmere crew neck thrown over top in the evenings. 

I don't think I need to say anything else. 

As I attempt to rid my life of any extraneous plastics, I've been filling up this glass cold cup for my daily H20 intake. Adding lemon, cucumber, and mint to my ice water has made my sipping that much more enjoyable. 

4// Azealia Banks 
Since playing "212" on repeat and looking at myself in my rearview mirror and cool-girl-smirking is basically a hobby of mine, I decided to check out the rest of Bank's album, "Broke with Expensive Taste". It's too much. I love all of it. Seriously, each song is a groove-worthy blend of rap and heavy electronic beats. My favorites are "Heavy Metal and Reflective" and "Ice Princess". 

This stuff is a godsend. It's a creamy cleanser that really gets the job done. I mean, even my lips feel hydrated after washing with this stuff. 

Meg gifted me this book when I went to visit and it's incredible. Keegan was a young, extremely talented author who was killed in a car crash three days after graduating from Yale. Her work is beautifully written, her subject matter is engrossing, and the entire collection is just impossible to put down. Keegan's commitment to "stop the death of literature" is just so inspiring!